Mission and Values

Trivedi PG College was founded in 2008 affiliated with Prof. Rajendra Singh University, Prayagraj has strongly changed over the years, but has always served as a shelter for one of the most ambitious scholars, representatives in the nation. Our institution is not only about learning, but you also get the opportunity to meet and listen to famous people from their fields.

Trivedi PG College prime mission is to deliver comprehensive approaches to local , regional , national, and global opportunities for higher learning, study, and engagement to the diverse population of students. We promote fairness and transparency in addressing the needs of our  demographically diverse student population through observable learning outcomes, responsible  data-driven decisions and student achievement. In all that we do, we establish and follow the  highest standards, and we foster an environment of continuous improvement.

We will ensure that our students learn both the skills that a good education offers and the competencies that are necessary for the evolving creative economy to thrive and lead. We will also lead in creating practical and theoretical information that will allow people to understand our environment better and improve conditions for local and global communities.