Chairperson's Message

Congratulations and a Warm Welcome to Trivedi PG College!

Every day, outstanding achievements broaden the limits of knowledge and scholarship. In this age of education globalization, the apparent emphasis is on educational quality. There is no universal quality level. A good educational institution continually strives to maintain and develop quality in every area of its operation.


As Trivedi PG College is working tirelessly to accomplish its goal of providing students and academics with the best learning , teaching, and study opportunities, it aims to provide students with the fundamentals of modern education and high values. Our Faculty's study efforts contribute to an exceptional enrichment of our students ' experience at both graduate and undergraduate levels. The academic training given to our graduate students produces the next generation of well-prepared scholars for advancing science and technology transfer.

Extending study opportunities to an ever-increasing community of undergraduate students adds to the undergraduate education a layer of experience which literally can not be duplicated in the classroom. Our students experience the excitement and rigor of new exploration, and develop investigation, assessment and communication skills that provide a basis for the next stages of their careers.

College is one of India's top-tier institute that boasts an academic excellence tradition , scientific and  high-tech innovation.  I would ask you to embrace this great opportunity and join us in our efforts to contribute actively to the overall development of this increasingly globalized society.

- Mr. Kamta Prasad Trivedi