Founder's Message

Our vision is focused on hard work, open communication, strong focus on team work and a high degree of transparency. This progressive culture helps our wards to take on not only the problems of the present day, but also individual roles for society and our nation as a whole.


It should be focused on learning to do things and not simply know things. The entire process will remain superficial until and until learning strategies contribute to real life and inspire the learner to gain and apply the information. Any institution worthy of its reputation is looking to maximize global leaders' productivity. Our institution has set specific targets and planned programs to achieve excellence in all technical education spheres.

The institution's contribution in producing individually educated, professionally trained and service-oriented graduates is genuinely worth noting. We firmly believe in academic excellence and do not compromise on norms or discipline in teaching. The springboards we work on helps building our students future.

People who feel good about themselves generate good results and people who get good results feel good about themselves. We really believe in learning and sharing to the full. Have a visit to Trivedi PG College and feel good at having a valuable education.

- Mr. Surya Kumar Trivedi